Bombay Round-up

Basically over my jet-lag just in time to prepare for the trip to Dubai. Here’s what happened in the last couple days:

Chennai Express opened today! Featuring SRK and Deepika Padukone. Look out Salmon Khan! SRK has you in his sights! I actually have no idea what this movie is about, but all my friends here seem disinterested. Speculation about SRK and Salmon Khan’s competition is not my own, I just stole that from the interwebs.


I had lunch in a food court where I had to buy a pre-paid debit card and then get a refund on my balance. Operationally inefficient if you ask me. I had a tandoori chicken kebab sampler. It was ok.


I was dazzled by the lights of Churchgate Station. Things were bustling as people prepared for the Eid holiday.



I had masala chai on the street with some friends. Apparently this stand is where they typically go and it’s 5 INR for a cup. Interestingly, this time he charged 6 INR. I suspect the extra rupee was a foreigner surcharge because I was there…just kidding! We had 2 cups and it was pretty tasty. The rupee surcharge was just to cover overhead costs which have sky rocketed.


Finally, here’s a shot outside of Indian Village Restaurant. It’s a resto in South Bombay that is themed around an…Indian Village. The parrots are in reference to Indian fortune tellers. Apparently, if you were to actually see a fortune teller there would be a parrot that would come out of its cage and pick up a piece of paper and your fortune would be told within. I think that pretty much qualifies for the most adorable fortune ever. Though there’s also a fortune telling lady involved — details of her potentially grisly appearance remain unknown so the experience could yet prove terrifying.




Jet-lag Poetry #2

Day #2: Still jet-lagged and the crows are at it again. After a full day of meetings I went by the sea outside the office to get some air and feel the breeze as the monsoon humidity hung in the air. Looking across the bay at the slums I took some pictures. Looking down at the rocks I realized there was a dude taking a dump. Looking at my phone I realized he is in my photos.

Thus was inspired Jet-lag Poem #2: Taking pictures of Arabian Sea. Man takin’ a shit on the beach.


Arabian Sea BM


Jetlagged Musing #1

My friend and ex-professor Yoke-Sum commented on my FB page that I am poetic when I’m jetlagged because of this status update: 5am. Wide awake. A murder of crows outside the window squawking like it’s doomsday.

Update: It’s now 5:40am and the crows outside the window continue to keep me company.

Update 2: I’m watching an Australian program called Bondai Rescue on Nat Geo Adventure. I prefer the crows.

Update 3: This is what jetlag looks like from the hotel window at 5:54am.

IMG_2167 IMG_2168







Bombay Horoscope

Jetlagged after travelling for over 20 hours and back in Bombay. Savouring the travel weary haze and monsoon breeze in Colaba. Today is the first day of a 28-day working trip split between Bombay and Dubai. Here’s a promising horoscope that I read over the gross hotel breakfast this morning:


Photo-Bombing Brendan Canning?! — Part II

Here’s a follow-up to my last post about playing the tambourines. At first I had no idea WTH I was doing and couldn’t catch the beat (Tambourines ain’t easy!). But then, as I often do in times of need, I thought of Homer in Homerpalooza when he said:

“When I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head like I’m saying yes to every beat. YES! YES! YES! This rocks! And then sometimes I switch it up like No! No! No! Don’t stop rockin’!”

Then everything just sorta happened. So, please enjoy a series of ridik animated GIFs courtesy of Vesna – my long time friend and nemesis…JK FRIENDS! All photos courtesy of Jacqueline Tang!