About this Blog:

Like a good student of culture this blog casts a pretty wide net in terms of what is fair game for comment. Contemporary art, advertising, design, fashion, architecture, food, The Simpsons – anything that catches my attention from one nanosecond to the next. Mostly I think of this as a tool for collecting inspiration and working out ideas – a digital sketchbook of sorts and an essential part of the creative process.

About Me:

I was weened on the toxic fumes of the darkroom and nourished by the scent of oil, ink and paper. I’m a trained photographer and a printmaker, but I ply my trade in the realm of thought and by the written word. By day I’m a consultant where I work with people to envision and develop ideas into meaningful experiences. By night I scour the world both virtual and actual seeking inspiration where ever it may be.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


  1. Aly Gulamhusein

    Hey Joe,

    I’m looking forward to seeing this develop and grow. It is much easier to follow your thoughts in print than in presentation.

    I’ll post a link to your blog on my blog.

    Looking forward to grabbing a beer with you soon.




    • Joseph

      Hey Bro!

      Are you suggesting that I’m incomprehensible in person? LOL. Def. lets grab some beers this wknd. Long overdue!


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