So far, 2015 has started out with a whimper, rather than the bang I was hoping for. Still, this year is going to be the year of big changes. The craptacular vestiges of 2014 will haunt me no more (Get thee behind!). I’m especially excited to have my sista and friend Tina Chang in Toronto now and ready to kick some serious ass in the fashion photography scene. I’ve recently started assisting her again on and off and it’s been great to be back in the studio with people who truly give a damn about what they do.

Do I find the whole thing absurd sometimes? Sure! But, too often I’m stuck behind a desk, wasting away on other people’s problems. Well, no more. Time to dust off the gear and make some shit! And so, I dedicate this inaugural post to Tina, who inspires me to get my art on!

To celebrate this new arrangement here’s a comp of behind-the-scenes shots of models being sprayed in the face in the name of fashion.


Denim BTS Comp