Lazy year end post – Sayonara 2013!

Well good people, the end is nigh and it’s time for bloggers to post their top whatever lists of whatever the hell to wrap another year. One such list is Co.Design’s 22 Videos We Couldn’t Stop Watching in 2013. Some really great vids/time killers on there so do get to it. It’s in the same spirit of sharing and reflection that I write this post.

But, since this is a lazy year end post I present not a list of agreeable things I’ve seen in 2013, but just one thing that I remembered. Filmmaker Marc-Antoine Locatelli’s Nuance. The first time I saw it I was totally mesmerized. Beautiful choreography, understated photography, and a totally blissed-out soundtrack. Let’s all agree to end the year and ring in the new one like a living version of this video — with nuance, poetry, beauty, and of course music.


Photo-Bombing Brendan Canning?! — Part II

Here’s a follow-up to my last post about playing the tambourines. At first I had no idea WTH I was doing and couldn’t catch the beat (Tambourines ain’t easy!). But then, as I often do in times of need, I thought of Homer in Homerpalooza when he said:

“When I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head like I’m saying yes to every beat. YES! YES! YES! This rocks! And then sometimes I switch it up like No! No! No! Don’t stop rockin’!”

Then everything just sorta happened. So, please enjoy a series of ridik animated GIFs courtesy of Vesna – my long time friend and nemesis…JK FRIENDS! All photos courtesy of Jacqueline Tang!






Photo-bombing Brendan Canning?!

Contradance featuring Brendan Canning and me on tambourines at the Montague Wedding, July 28, 2013, Gladstone Hotel Ballroom.

Contradance featuring Brendan Canning and me on tambourines at the Montague Wedding, July 28, 2013, Gladstone Hotel Ballroom.











Pop quiz: Am I photo-bombing Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene in the photo above? Or am I making my international debut as a tambourine player as part of Contradance’s special reunion in celebration of the marriage of my dear friends Sarah Aranha and Kenneth Montague?

If you guessed the latter you’re right! Congrats to Sarah and Ken. Funnest wedding ever.

Check out Contradance’s awesome track “Black Preppies” below.


#WhiskeyFriday & MRE Saturday

My fellow people. Today’s the day. My first foray into the fascinating world of MREs. The nondescript utilitarian brown package that contains the “most technically advanced food in the world”. If you’ve been following along you might be wondering why now? Why in the name of delicious brunch places in TO are you opting, on a Saturday, at prime brunching hour, to dive into MRE wonderland? You’re also probably wondering how it tastes? Let me tell you. But before I do, remember that episode of the Simpsons called Homerpalooza?

Remember when he was driving the carpool and was teaching the kids how to rock n’ roll like a goddamn king?

That’s exactly how I felt last night at the Twin Shadow concert at The Phoenix. I had injured my Achilles tendon earlier in the week so didn’t intend to rock out. In fact, the plan was to have a reasonably good time, no dancing – only gentle swaying. For a while my gentle-sway was totally on point. But it was #whiskeyfriday, the vibe was good, the music was good, and the drink was in me. When he finally played You Call Me On I was totally channeling Homer Jay, “Now when I listen to a really good song, I start nodding my head, like I’m saying ‘yeeess’ to every beat. Yes Yes Yes, this rocks. And then sometimes I switch it up like. No, No, No! Don’t stop-a-rockin’!”

It was a great night so let’s be real, gentle swayin don’t cut it! You can’t contain this! So, as a result here we are, and here I am, sitting on the sofa on this gloomy Saturday staring into a tall glass of carbohydrate electrolyte beverage powder, orange, natural and artificial flavour.

How’s it look? Orange. How’s it taste? Like powdered orange Gatorade only a bit saltier. Overall assessment? Last night, GREAT. Fake Gatorade? Welcome. Now off to get some real grub.



Breakin’ a Sweat with Capital Cities

Ho-lee-fuck. Just got home from the Capital Cities concert at Mod Club. I’ve been anticipating this show for months since I found them on Songza. Yes, I’m a total Johnny Come Lately, but whatevs.

It was a super tight show and my friends and I danced and sweated like it was on sale for 19.99. I’d read lots of Tweets about how fresh they were in NYC and they totally delivered. Capital Cities live was def one of the best shows I’ve been to in recent memory. As such, it’s also one of the shows I’ll always remember with a twinge of nostalgia and regret. Why? Because as with all great bands the next shows will only be more crowded. The vibe possibly diminished. But who knows? The night reminded me of Iggy and the Stooges at Bumbershoot in 2005. The music couldn’t be more different, but the vibe was infectious.

If you wanna be young, get drunk and dance your shit off then you’ve gotta check out Capital Cities live. If not, all good. Chill out and watch your fellow men and women break it down.

I chatted briefly with Ryan, Sebu and Spencer after the show. They promised to come back to TO and I promised to attend. I’ve no doubt these guys are gonna continue to lift the crowds with their hook laden beats. I’m wiped and happy — for what more could a guy ask as another summer prepares to dawn?